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Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs

Tritium Self Luminous Exit Signs

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The Tritium Self Luminous Exit Sign is the only sign available that will work in almost any environment without requiring electricity or batteries.

The Exit Store offers this product with the fastest shipping times in the industry, ITEMS IN STOCK.

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Thermoplastic LED Exit Sign

Thermoplastic LED Exit Sign

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The TES-EXIT-RW-BB Thermoplastic LED Exit Sign features energy efficient Red LEDs, standard battery backup, and white housing. The unit is quickly configurable on site with a second exit face, universal chevron indicators, and included bracket which allows the unit to be back, top, or side mounted.

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Thermoplastic Combination Exit Sign with Emergency Lights

Exit Sign with Integrated LED Lights

(65% off retail)

The MESLHO Exit Sign with Integrated LED Emergency Lamps provides an affordable and efficient option for your emergency needs.

This unit can be used for single and double sided applications and features a top/back mount bracket.

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SEL Adjustable Swivel Edge Lit Exit Sign

Adjustable Swivel Edge Lit Exit Sign


The SEL Adjustable Swivel Edge Lit Exit Sign is designed so that it can be installed in almost any situation. The Faceplate pivots 180 degrees allowing the sign to be mounted on any surface, regardless of the angle.

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1571 Photluminescent Exit Sign.

Low Profile Photoluminescent Exit Sign

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The 1571 Photoluminescent Exit Sign is eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled aluminum. The sign is approved for both high and low level applications in the US and Canada. The sign is rated for a 50' viewing distance and is non-toxic. Available in Red, Green, or Black Face.

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WG-1 Exit Sign and Emergency light wire guard.

Exit Signs & Emergency Light Wire Guard

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The WG-1 is one of our most popular wire guards. The guard will help protect your exit sign and emergency lights in settings such as churches, schools, and public grounds. Guard Size : 13.5" H x 15" W x 6" D.

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The Exit Store

Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

We have exit signs, emergency lights, combo units and replacement batteries in many shapes, styles, and designs. All of our exit sign and emergency lighting products are offered at wholesale prices, direct from the manufacturer. Our exit signs and emergency lights are UL 924 Listed and code compliant across North America.

Customer Experience

Great exit sign and emergency lighting pricing does not come at the expense of customer service or quality with us. When purchasing with us, we ensure that you are treated with courtesy, respect, and are well informed about your options. Our team is comfortable catering to the signage and lighting needs of the well-informed professional, and the equally important local church or small business owner seeking compliant signage and lighting products without breaking the bank. We are here to help you find the right exit sign, emergency light, or combo unit for your application. Call us today to speak with a customer service representative who is standing by. We are experts in code compliance requirements for the United States and Canada.

Exit Sign and Emergency Light Compliance

The Exit Store exit signs, emergency lights, and combo exit sign with emergency light units are UL924 Listed and compliant with building and fire code regulations nationwide; including NFPA Life Safety Code 101, ICC, IBC, OSHA, NYC Building Department, City of Chicago, California Building Code, and many more. Our code compliant emergency exit fixtures include both electrical and non-electrical solutions.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) exit signs have become the standard of efficiency for electrical exit sign applications. Consuming less than five watts of electricity and lasting 8 to 10 years, they are an affordable alternative to conventional exit signs with light bulbs. We offer affordable Thermoplastic, durable Cast Aluminum, stylish Edge-Lit, and rugged Wet Location LED exit signs. We also carry Explosion Proof Class 1 Div I and Div II signs that are rated for the harshest and most hazardous environments.

If you do not have electricity available where you need to install your exit sign, consider a glow in the dark or self luminous exit sign. Glow In The Dark and Self Luminous exit signs are becoming increasingly popular because of their low maintenance profile and long life span (up to 25 years). Non-electrical exit signs install in minutes and do not require an electrician for installation. The Exit Store glow in the dark and self-luminous exit signs are compliant to the same specifications as our electrical LED models and can be used throughout the United States and Canada.

The Exit Store Emergency Light models are available in a variety of styles, designs, and prices that are similar to our exit signs. All emergency light fixtures require electricity, which charges the internal battery, and enables the lamps to illuminate and aid the egress of building occupants during a power outage. If you need both an exit sign and emergency light, consider a Combo Exit Sign with Emergency Lights unit that combines an exit sign with an emergency light and is an affordable 2 for 1 solution.

Exit Sign and Emergency Light Knowledge

We strongly encourage you to read the articles "All You Need To Know About An LED Exit Sign", "Emergency Exit Signs – A Brief Overview", "All About Self Luminous Exit Signs", and "Glow In The Dark Exit Signs – A Detailed Tutorial." to learn more about exit signs and all of the options that are available to you. Below is a list of additional articles that can be helpful to you during your research and purchase process. If there is any aspect relating to exit sign and emergency light fixtures that you need help with or information on, please do not hesitate to call. All of the products that we offer come standard with a minimum three year warranty.

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