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What are the ADA requirements for signage?

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What are the ADA requirements for signage?

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ADA Requirements refer to the requirements put forth by the American Disabilities Act that detail the way in which structures must me designed, constructed, and outfitted to insure accessibility for people with disabilities.

Applications are based on building use.ˇ Private buildings, such as homes are not required to be built along ADA guidelines.ˇ All commercial facilities are required to be built according to ADA guidelines.ˇ The 'ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilties' or ADAAG outlines all of the applicable requirements for different types of structures.ˇ There are areas that are exempted from the guidelines, such as areas that are used only by employees as work areas (example: stock room with racks or shelves).

There are a number of general guidelines to be considerate of in respect to signage: including exit signs, stairwell signs, room/floor identification signs, and area of rescue assistance signs.ˇ The requirements are as follows:

4.30 Signage.

4.30.1* General.
Signage required to be accessible by 4.1 shall comply with the applicable provisions of 4.30.

4.30.2* Character Proportion.
Letters and numbers on signs shall have a width-to-height ratio between 3:5 and 1:1 and a stroke-width-to-height ratio between 1:
5 and 1:10.

4.30.3 Character Height.
Characters and numbers on signs shall be sized according to the viewing distance from which they are to be read. The minimum height is measured using an upper case X. Lower case characters are permitted.

Height Above Finished Floor

Minimum Character Height

Suspended or Projected Overhead in compliance with 4.4.2

3 in (75 mm) minimum

4.30.4* Raised and Brailled Characters and Pictorial Symbol Signs (Pictograms).
Letters and numerals shall be raised 1/32 in (0.8 mm) minimum, upper case, sans serif or simple serif type and shall be accompanied with Grade 2 Braille. Raised characters shall be at least 5/8 in (16 mm) high, but no higher than 2 in (50 mm). Pictograms shall be accompanied by the equivalent verbal description placed directly below the pictogram. The border dimension of the pictogram shall be 6 in (152 mm) minimum in height.

4.30.5* Finish and Contrast.
The characters and background of signs shall be eggshell, matte, or other non-glare finish. Characters and symbols shall contrast with their background -- either light characters on a dark background or dark characters on a light background.

4.30.6 Mounting Location and Height.
Where permanent identification is provided for rooms and spaces, signs shall be installed on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door. Where there is no wall space to the latch side of the door, including at double leaf doors, signs shall be placed on the nearest adjacent wall. Mounting height shall be 60 in (1525 mm) above the finish floor to the centerline of the sign. Mounting location for such signage shall be so that a person may approach within 3 in (76 mm) of signage without encountering protruding objects or standing within the swing of a door.

4.30.7* Symbols of Accessibility.
(1) Facilities and elements required to be identified as accessible by 4.1 shall use the international symbol of accessibility.

AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE Identification. Each area of rescue assistance shall be identified by a sign which states "AREA OF RESCUE ASSISTANCE" and displays the international symbol of accessibility. The sign shall be illuminated when exit sign illumination is required. Signage shall also be installed at all inaccessible exits and where otherwise necessary to clearly indicate the direction to areas of rescue assistance. In each area of rescue assistance, instructions on the use of the area under emergency conditions shall be posted adjoining the two-way communication system.  The Exit Store carries a full line of ADA compliant signage with braille text in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. ˇMost models can ship same day for fast delivery. ˇCheck out our full selection of ADA signage here: ADA Braille Exit Signs and call us today to talk more about the choices for your applications.
For a full explanation of the ADA guidelines, read the entire list and explanation of requirements visit the ADAAG website.



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