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1400 Lumen Battery Backup Fluor. Ballast Pack 120/277 Volt

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1400 Lumen Battery Backup Fluor. Ballast Pack 120/277 Volt

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Download TES-EB1400 Fluorescent Ballast Battery Pack Cut Sheet


The Exit Store’s TES-EB1400 emergency ballast is a multi-function emergency ballast designed to function in both every day and emergency situations. This ballast is equipped with an internal solid-transfer switch designed to switch on during power loss and provide power for one of the attached lamps for a minimum of 90 Min at an initial 1400 lumen output. The TES-EB1400 can be used in conjunction with an AC Ballast or as a stand-alone emergency fixture. This unit is compatible with 14W through 54W (2’-4’) T5 and T8 single pin or bipin for one lamp, Instant Start and Rapid Start, 14W through 39W (2’-4’) T5 and T8 single pin or bipin for two lamp, Instant Start and Rapid Start, 18W through 50W (4 -pin) long compact Rapid Start, or 32W (4 –pin) compact, 24W through 32W U-Bend FBT8 fluorescent lamps from Philips, Osram and GE.

The TES-EB1400 comes standard with a long life 6V sealed Ni-Cad battery, external test switch, LED Rate/Power On indicator and five year warranty. This ballast is UL Listed and Damp Location rated. The durable and compact steel housing comes in white and can be installed inside, next to or above desired fixture.


UL Listed
5 Year Warranty
Long life, high temperature NiCad battery
Will cold start and operate all specified lamps
Dual voltage 120/277V, 60Hz
Painted steel case
Includes one piece Indicator Light and Test Switch
LED Charge Indicator
Meets or exceeds all National Electrical Code and Life Safety Code emergency lighting requirements
90 minute emergency operation


Input Voltage: 120/277V, 60 Hz
Input Wattage: 4.0 Watts
Lamps Operated: For use with 17 - 215W (2Ft - 8Ft) T8, T9, T10, or T12 lin- ear, U-shaped, HO, VHO, Circline, Energy Saving, and (4 pin) twin, quad, and triple tube compact fluorescent lamps.*
Emergency Operation: 90 minutes
Minimum Initial Illumination: 1,000 - 1,400 lumens
Approval: U.L. Listed
Weight: 2 lbs
Operating Temperature Range: 0º to 55ºC


U.L. 924 listed for factory installations or field retrofit applications. Emergency illumination time exceeds the National Electric Code (NEC), Life Safety Code (NFPA-LSP), and U.L. 924 90 minute requirements.


The Exit Store guarantees each product to be free from defects to the original purchaser for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. If any component is found to be defective, The Exit Store will repair or replace the defective component at their option. Warranty does not cover damage caused by improper installation, misuse, abuse, improper environmental conditions, unauthorized modifications or shipping damage. Damage caused by explosions, water leaks, fire, war or acts of God are also not covered
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