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24V 250W Industrial Emergency Light with Battery Back Up

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24V 250W Industrial Emergency Light with Battery Back Up

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40.00 .lbs



7am-7pm PST

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  • 2 PAR18 Heads
  • 2 PAR36 Heads

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Download TES-HWE Industrial Emergency Light Cut Sheet


The TES-HWE series of emergency lighting units are a family of specification grade 6, 12 and 24 volt battery units designed with the PulseGuard pulse switching charger. The PulseGuard offers superior performance and energy efficiency versus conventional constant voltage chargers. Traditional top mounted (LR) Par36 style heads are standard, (SR) Par18 style small heads are optional.


The TES-HWE series is constructed with a 20 gauge steel cabinet. Magnum terminal connectors allow for larger gauge wires to be connected for remote loads. White finish is standard (other colors optional). Emergency lighting heads are molded from high impact thermoplastic in a matching color; (LR) Par36 style heads are standard, (SR) Par18 style heads are optional. Universal mounting pattern and key hole slots are stamped on the back and conduit knockouts on the sides of each unit.


6V TUNGSTEN:standard: 9w,(H) halogen: 8w, 10w, 12w, 20w 6V SEALED BEAM:(SB) standard: 9w, 12w, 18w(SBH) halogen: 12w, 20w 12V TUNGSTEN:standard: 9w, 18w(H) halogen: 8w, 12w, 20w, *35w, *55w (*LR only)12V SEALED BEAM:(SB) standard: 12w, 18w(SBH) halogen: 8w24V TUNGSTEN:standard: 9w, 18w, *24w (*LR only)(H) halogen: *20w, *70w (*LR only)


The TES-HWE is constructed from a solid and durable 20 gauge steel housing. The universal mounting pattern stamped into the back of the unit allows for direct mounting to various conduit boxes. Key hole slots and stamped conduit knockouts are supplied standard on all HWE units, providing the widest range of options for AC power source connection. Remote lamp loads are connected to the emergency power supply with sturdy magnum terminal connectors. These connectors allow for a large gauge of wire to be used increasing the flexibility of installation. The TES-HWE is supplied standard in a durable white powder coat, baked finish. Other colors are available, including custom color matching, please specify.


The TES-HWE series utilizes a pulse switching charger that is up to 70% more efficient than traditional constant voltage chargers.The charger is a fully automatic current limited charger with solid state line-latched low voltage disconnect protection. All components used in the circuitry are temperature compenated. The charger also has brownout and short circuit protection. Charger status is easily determined via a dual diagnostic LED display which indicates AC/ON and High Charge. An external push button test switch allows maintenance personnel to quickly determine the operational status of the unit and lamp load.


The TES-HWE series is designed with a maintenance free, sealed valve regulated lead acid battery that provides a minimum emergency duration of 90 minutes (for the listed rating).Recharge time of the battery is twenty-four (24) hours. The maximum working temperature is 50 C.


The TES-HWE series is normally supplied with two (2) top mounted (LR) Par36 style 9w heads. Lamp heads can be mounted either on the top or on the sides of the unit allowing for up to five (5) heads to be mounted (3 top, 2 sides). Both (LR) Par36 and (SR) Par18 lamp head styles are constructed of high impact thermoplastic in a color matching the finish of the cabinet (white is standard). Both head types feature a unique locking twist collar that securely holds the lens and facilitates quick and easy relamping.


The TES-HWE luminaire is suitable for surface wall or ceiling and pendant mounting. Suitable for indoor installation on normally inflammable surfaces. 120/277VAC.


The TES-HWE auto-test feature automatically monitors the functional operation of the unit. Auto-test monitors the operation of the lamps, battery and circuitry and displays any alerts. Periodic emergency tests, up to ninety (90) minutes duration are simulated to ensure proper operation during an actual power failure. Operating status is visually indicated by multi-function LED indication.


The TES-HWE comes from the factory with an unconditional 5 year product warranty. Lamps are not covered.



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