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Emergency Exit Signs

There are many types of emergency exit signs and here at The Exit Store we offer the widest variety available. No matter what your application might be, we have an emergency exit sign for you. Visit our full list of our Most Popular Emergency Exit Signs to purchase or read below to learn all about the different types of emergency exit signs that we offer. Call 866-471-2849 to speak with a helpful expert, or to request a quote. Fax your quote request to 310-256-3289, or email questions and requests to

Emergency Exit Signs - A Brief Overview

Emergency exit signs are important life safety devices that provide a visual guide towards the nearest exit by displaying an illuminated version of the word 'EXIT'. Emergency exit signs are required to be installed in all types of facilities and buildings throughout North America. The Exit Store manufactures and provides a wide variety UL Listed exit signs, which are code compliant for both the United States and Canada. When you buy from The Exit Store quality is not sacrificed for value; our emergency exit signs are manufactured under tight quality control standards and offered direct from our factories to you at wholesale prices. We back every model that we manufacture with a five year warranty. There are a number of different types of emergency exit signs that we offer, one of which will be right for your application. This overview will help you understand the differences between the models we offer, both electrical and non-electrical, and the applications they are suitable for.

The most popular type of emergency exit sign that we offer utilizes efficient red or green LEDs to provide brilliant and constant EXIT illumination. LED Exit Signs are offered in a number of styles and designs, including affordable thermoplastic, durable aluminum, weatherproof fiberglass, and stylish Edge-Lit models. LED exit signs consume less than five watts of electricity and last for 8-10 years. Small, powerful battery backup packs keep our LED signs illuminated in case of a power outage during an emergency such as a fire. A push button allows easy and immediate testing of the internal battery backup. When deciding what type of LED modelto purchase, consider the environment of the application, the aesthetic you desire, and the amount you can afford to spend on emergency exit signs.

Universal LED Exit Sign with Red Letters and White Housing

Affordable and reliable, "universal" configuration makes install easy

Our thermoplastic models are the most affordable line of LED exit signs that we offer, with prices beginning at less than $20 per unit. The Exit Store thermoplastic LED exit signs come with a universal design, which allows them to be configured in the field for both single and double-sided applications. A universal mounting bracket, installation hardware, and instructions are all included. Most models are available with a white or black housing and come ready to connect to either 120v or 277v AC electricity. Thermoplastic emergency exit signs feature punch out arrows that allow you to indicate the direction of the nearest exit if the sign is not being placed directly over an exit door.

CA-A-R-BB Cast Aluminum LED Exit Sign - Red Letters - Battery Backup

Cast Aluminum LED Exit Signs are attractive, compliant, and sturdy

Cast aluminum LED exit signs offer the same efficient and reliable technology that is in our thermoplastic product line, but with a sturdy and attractive brushed aluminum housing. The housing for our aluminum emergency exit signs is offered in white, black or brushed aluminum. We even offer custom finishes that can be matched to your specification for an additional charge. Cast aluminum emergency exit signs are favored for commercial applications such as schools, hospitals, offices, and retail stores. A universal mounting bracket, installation hardware, and instructions are all included. Most models are available with a white or black housing and come ready to connect to either 120v or 277v AC electricity. Aluminum emergency exit signs feature punch out arrows that allow you to indicate the direction of the nearest exit if the sign is not being placed directly over an exit door.

Learn More About Aluminum Exit Signs
TES-ELE-R-BB Surface Mount Edge-Lit Red LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup

Edge-Lit LED Exit Signs are attractive, efficient, and reliable

Edge-Lit exit signs are the most stylish and upscale type of emergency exit sign that The Exit Store manufactures. Edge-Lit exit signs are distinguished by their glowing acrylic EXIT panel and brushed aluminum housing that can be surface or recess mounted. Recess mounting an Edge-Lit exit sign creates a flush flush mounted fixture in which only the EXIT panel is viewable, the electronics and battery inside the housing are recessed into the ceiling or wall and covered by a brished aluminum trim plate. Surface mounted Edge-Lit exit signs come with a universal mounting plate for top, side, or back mounted. We offer both single and double-sided versions, all of which come with field installable arrow kits. Edge-Lit exit signs blend well with the high-end interiors of retail, office, and other commercial applicaitons. We offer custom finishes for Edge-Lit housings as well as custom EXIT panels that can be outfitted with the wording, picotgram, or design of your choice.

Learn More About Edge-Lit Exit Signs
Wet Location LED Exit Sign - Single Face - Red Letters - Battery Backup

Wet Location LED Exit Signs are weatherproof and extremely durable

For outdoor and wet location applications we offer a full line of weatherproof emergency exit signs. Our weatherproof LED exit signs utilize a fully gasketed fiberglass housing that is sealed and tested to withstand harsh environments. Our NEMA rated line of wet location exit signs can stand up to snow, sleet, and rain. For environments in which temperatures drop below 32º F make sure to add an internal heater so that the battery backup system remains operable when freezing temperatures are present. Single and double sided models are available as well as combination units that include a pair of emergency lamp heads attached to the unit.

Universal Combo LED Exit Sign and Emergency Lights with Red Letters and White Housing

Maybe you need a combination model with emergency lights

If you need to install both an emergency exit sign and emergency lighting fixture, consider installing a combination emergency exit sign with lights. This 2 for 1 solution requires just one electrical connection and there is only one fixture and battery to maintain. The EXIT portion of our combo units is always illuminated while the emergency lamps illuminate along with the exit sign when power is lost and the unit goes into emergency mode. Thermoplastic comination exit signs with lights are the most popular models that we offer as they are the most affordable, beginning at less than $40 per unit.

Features of LED Exit Signs:

  • Efficient - consumes less than 5 watts of electricity
  • Affordable - models begin at less than $20
  • Reliable - powerful battery backup systems
  • Compliant - UL 924 Listed, NFPA 101, ICC, IBC, IFC
  • Simple - Universal design makes installation simple
UL924 Listed Low Profile Aluminum Photoluminescent Exit Sign Red - 50 Foot with Arrow Kit

We offer many sleek and appealing designs of glow in the dark exit signs

There are two non-electrical alternatives to electrical LED exit signs, self-luminous and photoluminescent. Self-luminous exit signs utilize Tritium, a glowing type of hydrogen gas, that glows naturally for up to 20 years and requires absolutely no power source. Self-luminous exit signs are completely self-powered and can be installed anywhere, indoors or out, including extreme environments and will always glow. Self-luminous exit signs are popular for movie theaters, restaurants, and outdoor applications. The second type, photoluminescent exit signs, glow in the dark by absorbing light and then glowing when dark conditions are present; they are ideal for commercial applications where the lights are normally on when the building is occupied.Photoluminescent exit signs are very popular for hotels, offices, and schools.

Self-Luminous Exit Signs Green White 10 Year Lifespan

Tritium powered signs are a great way to save money while remaining compliant

Both types of non-electrical exit signs are UL Listed and code compliant to the exact same standards as electrical exit signs, so they can be used across the country worry of being compliant. Self-luminous and photoluminescent exit signs are ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications as they eliminate the cost of running conduit and hiring an electrician; installation takes just minutes. The operating costs associated with electrical exit signs are also eliminated; there are no bulbs and batteries to maintain. Lifespan is significantly expanded; photoluminescent and self-luminous exit signs last 20+ years compared to the 8 to 10 year lifesapn of an LED exit sign.

Features of Self-Luminous and Photoluminescent Exit Signs:

  • Non-electrical - eliminates operating costs
  • Maintenance Free - no batteries or light bulbs to change and maintain
  • Versatile – can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Compliant - UL 924 Listed, NFPA 101, ICC, IBC, IFC
  • Long term solution - up to 25 year lifespan
View Our UL 924 Listed Glow In The Dark Exit Signs
View our UL 924 Listed Self-Luminous Exit Signs
Learn More About Self-Luminous Exit Signs

Federal, state, and local building and fire codes regulate where emergency exit signs are to be located and installed. Speak with a local building or fire inspector if you are unsure of where to place your emergency exit signs or give us a call as we have compliance specialists standing by to help answer your questions. When picking which type of emergency exit sign to install at your facility, it is important to have all the details, facts, and information that can help you to make the right decision. The Exit Store has customer service representatives standing by that are ready to help you figure out which emergency exit sign is the best choice. Please call us today at 866.471.2849.

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