Energy Efficient Exit Signs

It is a little-known fact that safety devices such as exit signs and emergency lighting can draw a considerable amount of power over the course of a year. Many building managers and operations experts will tell you that incandescent exit signs that must be lit 24/7 can draw up to $50 a year in power costs. Needless to say, those figures can quickly add up.

The good news is that there are several ways to save power if you are interested in lowering those bills. Probably the most popular nowadays are LED lights, which tend to be brighter, cooler and longer lasting than traditional filament bulbs. Many signs that use such bulbs can reduce energy drain by up to 80 percent in a year.

Thankfully, LEDs offer a number of other advantages as well so you never have to feel as if you are compromising on safety. Generally, the lights are tougher than traditional bulbs, meaning they can withstand greater stress in the form of heat or flooding. They also need replacing far less often than their filament counterparts, with some of the latest models lasting up to 10 years.

Finally, there are a few more ways worth mentioning if you really want to save on power. At The Exit Store, we are proud to offer self-luminous signs that require no batteries or DC power. These are perfect if you want signs that come with no hidden maintenance or power costs down the road. You may also get traditional lead-battery versions, so be sure to look around before you make a selection.

Quick Buys
LED Signs VALUE $26-$31
Units include battery back up, damp rated, universal mounting 25 year LED
Black and Green LED Sign Green and White LED Sign Red and White LED Sign Black and Red LED Sign
Die-Cast Aluminum DESIGNER $52-$68
Durable, classy finish, LED lamps, mounts top, side, or back.
Black and Green Die Cast Aluminum Sign White and Green Die Cast Aluminum Sign White and Red Die Cast Aluminum Sign Black and Red Die Cast Aluminum Sign
LED Edge Lit ELEGANCE $67-$155
Signs with Style, LED lamps, energy efficient, universal mounting, 3x colors
Red Recessed Edge Lit Sign Red Edge lit Sign Recessed Green Edge Lit Sign Edge Lit Green Sign
Self Lit Tritium Non-Electrical INNOVATION $120-$300
Defines ease of installation and worry-free maintenance for 10-20 years
Self Luminous Sign Green / Black Self Powered Tritium Green / White Self-Lit Tritium Exit Red / White Self Lit Tritium Exit Red /Black
Exit with Emergency Lights INDUSTRIAL $55-$70
Ergonomically efficient, clean and functional. damp rated, LED combo
Combo Emergency Light Black / Red Emergency Light with Exit Green / White LED Exit Sign with Lights Red / White Combo Emergency Light Green / Black
Emergency Lighting $20-$50
Various styles to suit your applications, in stock, ready to ship .
Halogen Light White Safety Lights Dual Current AC/DC Lights White White Light Battery Backup
Heavy Duty Wet Location and Hazardous Lights HAZ-MAX $30-$110
Wide range of options for your wet locations or heavy duty lighting needs.
Heavy Duty Remote Capable Wet Location Green Sign Wet Rated Exit NEMA Signs Hazardous / Wet Rated Emergency Lights with Exit

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