Stairwell Exit Signs

Stairwells are often seen as a burden to residents who have otherwise grown accustomed to elevators, but in an emergency, they can be lifesavers. Elevator shafts are more often than not the first to succumb to heat and structural failure in the event of a fire or earthquake, and the last thing you want is for employees to find themselves without options in such moments of crisis. The good, old-fashioned stairwell can then become a lifeline to employees seeking safe passage to the cooler outdoor air.

At The Exit Store, we carry some of the best exit signs anywhere on the Web. These are versatile, effective and truly reliable designs that complement every decor and keep your employees safe. Our products are rated to exceed safety regulations in every state, including the new, more stringent luminosity standards recently released by the state of New York.

We keep it easy with a catalog that includes every technology on the market today, including self-luminous signs, polymer edge-lit models and wet zone signage that can withstand flooding and more. We even offer exit signs with attached emergency lighting to keep everyone informed and heading the right way when an outage occurs.

Our most popular products use LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs. These powerful diodes create more light, use less current and last far longer than the traditional kind, saving on time, maintenance and replacement parts. Whatever your needs, we can help set you up with stairwell signs that do the job every day and every night without fail.

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Self Lit Tritium Non-Electrical INNOVATION $120-$300
Defines ease of installation and worry-free maintenance for 10-20 years
Stairwell Signs
Self Luminous Sign Green / Black Self Powered Tritium Green / White Self-Lit Tritium Exit Red / White Self Lit Tritium Exit Red /Black


Non-Electric, Eco Friendly, UL 924 Compliant
Photoluminscent Exit Signs


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