Outdoor Exit Signs

Exit signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most-often-overlooked varieties is the outdoor sign, which can often point the way toward escape routes to the street and other gathering spots. Buildings and corporate campuses that boast such signage often show a far better track record in avoiding casualties when disaster strikes.

What do outdoor exit signs need that you may not necessarily require with the indoor variety? For one thing, they must be damp- and wet-zone rated, meaning they will continue to operate in a downpour just as they would on a clear night. More than atmospheric ratings, however, these signs need to surpass certain luminosity thresholds to ensure they can be seen at all times of the day and night during all types of weather conditions.

At The Exit Store, we offer a number of varieties of outdoor exit signs, from freestanding versions to the kind of universal K/O chevrons that are rated for most power sources. The signs boast shielded, enclosed wiring and hardy steel and aluminum composites to withstand the many ravages of outdoor posting.

Signage is essential to maintaining the safety of any space. If you are looking for exit signs that draw less power and keep the byways open and decongested, you may want to look to the brighter, stronger models on the market. We boast the very best manufacturing technologies, rated to meet and surpass safety regulations in all 50 states.


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