Self Illuminating Exit Signs

Self-illuminating exit signs have caused a sensation among building managers and anyone with a safety-oriented bent. The reason is simple: at last, these signs represent a permanent fix to the problem of exit signs that break down. Simply put, you will not find a more consistent, reliable and secure method for securing your hallways and public spaces anywhere else on the Web.

The technology is actually quite simple. Self-luminous signs never need to be "charged" with visible light or an external power source. Instead, they glow for years without any interference required whatsoever, courtesy of an ongoing chemical reaction between the layers of printed film. The result is precisely what so many of us have been seeking for decades--a foolproof way to keep escape routes illuminated no matter what outages or flooding strikes that facility.

At The Exit Store, we are proud to offer signs that exceed safety regulations in all 50 states, including some specifically made to meet the new requirements of New York. These signs are some of the best examples of forward-thinking research--the kind that bears fruit by saving lives. If you are looking for an exit sign solution that saves money, power and the inconvenience of constant maintenance, you may have found the last sign you'll ever need.

Feel free to look around the site and familiarize yourself with the many varieties of outstanding exit signs we carry here. Whether you want self-luminous, LED or traditional incandescent signs, we can give you long-lasting solutions for maintaining the safety of your employees. When it comes to essential items such as this, you simply cannot afford to skimp on quality.

Quick Buys
Self Lit Tritium Non-Electrical INNOVATION $120-$300
Defines ease of installation and worry-free maintenance for 10-20 years
Self Luminous Sign Green / Black Self Powered Tritium Green / White Self-Lit Tritium Exit Red / White Self Lit Tritium Exit Red /Black

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