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Self-Powered Exit Sign

Self-Powered Exit Signs are easy to install, they do not require electricity, and are compliant with building codes throughout North America. Self-powered exit signs last from 10-20 years. View our full list of Self Powered Exit Sign products to purchase or read below to learn more. Call 866-471-2849 to speak with a helpful expert, or to request a quote. Fax your quote request to 310-256-3289, or email questions and requests to

Self Powered Exit Sign

Self-Luminous Exit Signs Red White 10 Year Lifespan

Self-Luminous Exit Signs eliminate operating costs and last up to 20 years

Exit signs are tremendously important products to have installed in your facility. Most buildings these days boast a number of safety features, including shock-absorbing struts and fire-resistant construction materials, but there remains no substitute for human presence of mind. Quality exit signage can quite literally mean the difference between lives lost and a disaster averted with ease. These days exit signs come in a wide variety of options, each of which is approved by the various state and federal bodies that govern such devices. From standard LED to stylish Edge-Lit, from non-electrical self-powered to wet location weatherproof, we have an exit sign solution that will be perfect for your application. Whatever your desire, we can help you find the perfect product here at The Exit Store.

Self-Luminous Exit Signs Green White 10 Year Lifespan

Tritium powered signs are a great way to save money while remaining compliant

Self-powered exit signs are completely self reliant, they constantly illuminate without need for electricity or any other power source. Self powered exit signs are commonly referred to as self-luminous exit signs. Self-powered exit signs use tritium, a glowing form of hydrogen gas, to provide brilliant EXIT illumination in the color green. Self-powered exit signs are extremely versatile, they can be used indoors our out, in hot and cold environments. Aesthetics are not sacrificed for usability, self-powered exit signs come in a variety of face and frame color choices. The most popular choice is the Red Face with White Frame (top picture). Self-powered exit signs can be ordered in a 10 or 20 year lifespan, if your facility will be around for more than 10 years, choose a 20 year model and save the cost of replacing exit signs after 10 years. The Exit Store self-powerered exit signs are UL 924 Listed and code compliant throughout the United States and Canada.

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Self-powered exit signs reduce costs in a number of ways. From an installation perspective, self-powered exit signs do not require an electrician or conduit. You can easily install self-powered exit signs in less than 20 minutes per sign. All installation hardware is included and self powered exit sign can be top, side or back mounted. There is no electricity consumed and there are no bulbs or batteries to buy and replace, simply install the sign and keep the face of it clean by wiping it with a damp cloth occasionally, that's all that is required! Compared to the 8 to 10 year lifespan of conventional electrical exit signs, self powered exit signs last up to 20 years, eliminating replacement costs. Relibility will never be an issue, the constant illumination of self powered exit signs means you can forget about having to test the battery backup systems associated with electrical exit signs.

Features of self-powered exit signs:

  • Completely non-electrical - eliminates operating costs
  • Universal - can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Reliable - tritium gas provides constant illumination
  • Efficient - no batteries, bulbs, or maintenance duties
  • Compliant - UL 924 Listed, NFPA 101, ICC, IBC, IFC
  • Long term solution - up to 20 year lifespan

If you are tired of mounting costs and want to keep your building safer with reliable technologies, you have come to the right place. Self-powered exit signs are fire-tested and rated to exceed safety standards in every state, meaning you don't ever have to think twice about the visibility of the product. If you are looking for something that can withstand all kinds of abuse and never lose power, we urge you to check out these popular exit signs today.

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